Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'll Be Home For Christmas

*Random thought of the Day: Once upon a time, there was a cute, "soft hearted", friendly, pink gingerbread man named Dante. He lived his life righteously and despite his yellow eyes, he cared for everyone in all of CandyLand. He was very popular and nice to everyone. Infact, he became the mayor of CandyLand. Well, one day, an evil child by the name of Anderelia, who was made of nothing but stuffing(like from a stuffed animal),came and tried to take over CandyLand. It was CAOS! So of course, what did Dante do? He just had to try and save everyone! He got everyone in safe places and then went out and tried to stop Anderelia. However, she had more power than anyone in the world and she knew very well of Dante's "soft heart". Though Dante was able to save his friends and townspeople, he did not survive the power of Anderelia. She found his soft spot and ripped him right in half!The Evil Anderelia laughed in her actions and then ate him right up! Dante's friends saw all of this and decided to take their own action! They got a bunch of big water hoses and sprayed her down so that all of her stuffing completely disolved! That was the end of Anderelia. Though a bitter sweet ending for Dante, the memory of his life lived for the people of CandyLand, LIVES ON! R.I.P: Dante, December 2009! The End.*

I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me. Please have snow and MISTLETOE?! Gross!(: Well, I am home and there has been snow. A white Christmas in fact! Mistletoe? Well, maybe I'll get lucky on New Year's Eve(: HA! Well, I've been home for a week now and I got 2 more to go. It's been super nicely awesome! I've watched a lot of movies. Mainly the classic Christmas ones that I ALWAYS watch: *The Polar Express-for the 2nd time this month-its my absolute favorite! *My 2nd favorite-It's A Wonderful Life-such a classic heartwarming film and you can never go wrong with Jimmy Stewart! *All 3 Santa Clause movies-out of order *And if I'm lucky, I'll get to watch The Christmas Story....haha.

It's all been super great! I love being around my family at Christmas time. We did our traditional "delivering of goodie plates" last Sunday night. I love doing that! Especially decorating the cookies! Mom and I also sung "What Child is This?" in church that day.

Anyways, Happy Christmas to everyone today! Yeah I'm going British this year(: I just watched Harry Potter 6 the other day! Last night consisted of holiday festivities with Duane's family in Taylor. We did a little caroling, ate snacks and had a little talent show, involved the adorable Kalisha and Charlotte! All the kids did "The Nativity Scene". Christmas has been splendid today! A couple months ago, my digital camera screen shattered on the inside. Yeah. So-mom and Duane got me a new, and nicer digital camera! Woot! It's a Nikon coolpix 10 mgpx! And its blue and beautiful! They also got me a Canon printer so that I don't have to use other people's printers now! Woot! I got a few other things and it's been a very nice Christmas! It's nice to just relax and stay in pajamas all day(: Woot woot!

Tomorrow, mom and I at least, will prob hit up Walmart. Yeah-the day after Christmas shopping-ridiculous! But, I need to get a couple things, and mom wants to hit up the christmas stuff half off.

Well, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas Day! Remember that it's not really about the gifts and the decorations, or even the snow. Christmas is about our Savior Jesus Christ, who is God's greatest gift to all mankind. We should remember the Savior all year round, and remember his life and sacrifice for us. That's better than anything we could ever recieve!

Merry Christmas! I love you all!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

21 Philosophies

*Random thought of the Day:
Is this bird dead, or is it faking death? What do you think? Yes-it is a real bird. I found it in plain view on the grass on the EA Campus-just lying there in all its pathetic-ness and I think it is totally playing dead! Apparently, this happens all the time. oh-not the part of birds playing dead, but birds just dropping dead on campus at any time. "This is some kind of wacked-out conspiracy" (Madagascar). Need I say more? The End.*

That's right everyone. My title is what it is. I'm 21 years old now! THAT, is a wacked-out conspiracy! Ok, so it's just life. Whatevs. I think it's more wierd that my little brother just turned 13! Anyway, my birthday was pretty good, despite the stressful week it's been due to a list of this and that. Unfortunantly, I had my Christmas concert the night of the 8th, but it wasn't too unfortunate because the concert was awesome! Went very well! But, that's ok because this weekend I had a party at my apartment! It was totally amazing! I had several friends come and Emily made me a really cute cake!
I was sung to and then we broke out the dance music and the glow sticks. Thats right! It was fun! Literally though-we broke open a bunch of the glow sticks and flung the stuff inside all over my apartment so that the whole living room glowed in the dark. Now, I know what some of you are probably thinking-does the glow stick stuff stain or come off the walls or clothes? Yes it does. Infact, when you turn on the lights-its completely faded. Ok, so we got some on the curtains....which came off.....mostly.....ahem.....and apparently glow sticks have like fiber glass in them or something. But we swept and vaccumed the floors afterwards! I know I know-some 21 year old responsibility right?! At least I wasn't getting wasted(:

Devon found a new boyfriend too(:
Pictures of the glow stuff didn't come out well-but still looked cool(:So the party was rockin for a couple hours, then died due to lots going on that night!

What else has been going on? Well, last weekend, my good buddy Scott Amberson came for a visit on Sunday night! We had a granola party! My friend Chris had a homemade recipe for it so we got the stuff and a bunch of us made some! I still have plenty left, in which I'll be taking home to Show Low with me this week.
I also had yet another succesful semi-annual waffle party! Yay! I had a good turn out with some good waffles!

Hungry Boys! Me and Devon!

So I guess to say the least-it is party season. You know me-I'm always throwing parties around this time of year!
Finals have been this week. I am in the midst of them. Pray for me(: So far, ok. I just honestly want to be through them and get home to Show Low! It's definantly time for a break!
I am still waiting to hear back from a couple of schools. BYU-Idaho, NAU, and Utah State. So basically all of them. It's annoying waiting! I'm gonna see if one of my friends that lives here in Thatcher, will check my mail during the break in case anything comes in the mail! Because with my luck, something might.

Anyway, life has been super stressful the last couple of weeks and thats all there is to it! Luckily, I've had some breaks with all these parties and such. And that is my update! More during the break is to come i'm sure!
Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Point of No Return

*Random thought of the Day: "It is our choices that show what we truly are, for more than our abilities." ~J.K. Rowling(Harry Potter series author)
We all have talents and abilities. But we all have to try to make the best choices that we can, to get to who we truly are or are becoming. It's not as simple as it may appear. Especially since the phrase 'who we are' is kind of broad if you really think about it. But the main idea of this quote, is make the right choices that are best for YOU. Not anyone else, YOU! This is where we are allowed to be selfish(: Only you and the Lord know what's best for you. Even if it's not entirely the direction you think you want to go, you have to do whats good and what's right. Only then will your abilities fall into their proper place. The End.*

Well, as you can see, my title is the POINT OF NO RETURN. Well, I guess it's kind of ironic that I just so happened to have the amazing experience of seeing Phantom of the Opera, the broadway show LIVE last weekend! IT.... WAS.... AMAZING! Wowzers! I love that show and the cast was excellent!
Ok, the guy who played Raul, kinda sucked I must say. He could sing no doubt, but his acting-not so much. Maybe I just finally have found the annoyance in his character all together, but he really was annoying at the show. The Phantom however, as well as Christine, had BEAUTIFUL voices! It was so good. It's probably still not my favorite show that i've seen, Wicked tops them all, but it was still pretty awesome! I went with my friend Jason, and mom and Duane also joined us. They even treated us to Olive Garden before the show(: Fun stuff! I also added to my collection of other posters from the other 2 shows I've seen and got a Phantom poster of course! It fits nicely on my wall(:

Thanksgiving was of course this past week. I joined my family, Aunt Kathi and her family, and Uncle Kris and Aunt Jessica even came for Thanksgiving day with their cute little kids! It was fun and rather relaxing! We had some fun with the game "Curses" of course(:....

It was fun hanging out with my cousin Sheree, and playing with my adorable little cousin Avery(:
We also took a little walk/hike at the bottom of the Catalina Mountains in Tuscon, near my grandma's house. It was nice to get out and be active.
The same day, we also went and saw one of the best movies I think ever made! "THE BLIND SIDE". SO SO good!!! Based on a true story and starring Sandra Bullock. Wow. She can play any part it any movie. I loved it-I reccomend it to everyone! The food of course was all amazing! I love the fact that after working out 3 times a week, I can come and eat all this food and eat sugar and pie and more food, and not feel guilty about it, because I know on Monday that I'll be going to the gym again and running it all off(: It's been a good weekend!
In other news, I've officially started applying for college. Haha. Sounds and feels like I'm a senior in high school all over again. However, when I was a senior, I applied for EAC and that was it. That's where I was going and that's where I've been.(and really need to leave soon(:) But my 4 schools, [possibly there may be a 5th in the works], are BYU-Idaho, Northern Arizona University, Utah State University, and Utah Valley University. My 5th one might be University of Utah or possibly even ASU.

Not sure. But, applications are nearly done. Just a few things left such as sending transcripts and then of course i'll be signing up for music school/scholarship auditions at the majority of the schools. It's really crazy. I'm kinda worried at whether I'll get in or not, or what's going to happen. But i finally realized that all I need to do right now is just apply and see what happens. If something else comes along, and changes my plans, or another option comes up, I'll deal with it when it comes! dot dot dot... Story of my life.

So, the real meaning behind my title. As it gets to the end of the semester, I've realized that it is the point of no return. So I realize that the song is about the passion of the Phantom of the Opera for Christine, but I've learned that words can have more than one meaning. In the song it says,
You have come here
in pursuit of your deepest urge
in pursuit of that wish.....
Past the point of No Return
No backward glances
Past all thought of "if" or "when"...
abandon thought, and let the dream descend...
Past the point of No Return
the final threshold-what warm
unspoken secrets will we learn?...
I have come here
hardly knowing the reason why...
Past the point of no return...
the bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn
We've passed the Point of No Return
Extremely beautiful words. And have a lot to do with my life I gotta say. To put it deeply, i'm finding that it is time to let my dreams descend, with no backward glances. I'm sure there are unspoken secrets that I will learn. I am learning the reasons why I came to EA. And I'll keep going until I leave here, because it is passed the point of NO return. The past is in the past and the future is full of so much for me. I may not know what it holds, but God does and he knows what direction to put me in or help me decide. I feel so inadequate most of the time, but when I pray, I know he has so much mercy still and knows that i'm at least trying.
Well that's my schpill for this blog(:
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and always remember the things you have to be greatful for. Whether it's a lot of not. Take advantage of each day and live it to the fullest, being greatful for what you have in your life.
Have a great week!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Haven't Met You Yet...Motivation-ZERO!

*Random thought of the Day: My favorite song of the week! "Haven't Met You Yet" by Micheal Buble! This song is seriously my new happy song! I think I listen to it 5 times a day! It's all about love and how its going to be, whenever you meet that special someone. Micheal Buble just has a way with words. Ok, so I don't know if he actually wrote the song, but he's got an amazing voice and this song is so cute and happy! So, watch the music video! It's not my perfect idea of this song, but at the end of it-I really do feel like dancing everytime I hear htis song! Enjoy! The End.*

Well Well Well! November is speeding by faster than ever! I'm getting nervous with some things. I do have my recital this week. I'm not too terribly nervous, yet, but I'm sure it will go well. I'm more nervous about passing music theory right now. I think I can pass, but that's not really the point unfortunantly. The point is that I'm missing things that I'm learning. Like-they aren't engraved in my head real well and it doesn't help when I'm supposed to be connecting everything together in one way or another. It's nuts! Pray for me(: I need to make it through somehow!
This past week has been pretty good. The weekend even better of course(:
On Friday afternoon/evening, I got into an organizing/cleaning mood and did some organizing in my room, as well as cleaning the bathroom and doing dishes. I was home alone so I figured I might as well get something useful done. Though, I COULD have done a little homework, but you all know me-I find distractions whether intentional or not(: I"M WORKING ON IT!

After my cleaning/organizing spree, I went on a date with a guy in my ward. He is in my FHE group and also my home teacher, so we see each other a bit! It was tons of fun! We were with Heather and Joe, and another couple that are friends of ours. We had a fire outside of Joe and Jordans(my date) house and did tinfoil dinners which were awesome! We also had some cobbler. Then we went inside and played "Curses" hee hee! Such a fun game! If you've never played it-I recommend it! I had played it once before, but this time was way nuts! We had so much fun with the curses that were given to us haha!
After that, we decided to end the night, seeing as it was late, and some of us were getting up early the next morning for...
THE ANNUAL CHILI PICKING! Woot! Ok, so it was my first time going. I missed the last couple years of it due to whatever my reasons were(: It's a big service project and so a bunch of us institute kids went out about 45 minutes to some big chili fields and well-picked chilis! We were hot in the sun, and it was tiring, but we had fun hanging out together and singing songs and throwing the "bad" chilis at each other(: I left a little early, sadly missing lunch, but went home and got clean again, so as to be ready for Hannah and Heather's bridal shower! Double the fun. Good thing there were "doubles", otherwise it would have been "double" lame(:. It was slightly single lame though haha. Not a whole ton of people came, but I'm just glad I wasn't the one throwing it for once! The cake was great. It was "Kitchen Themed" bridal shower, hence the somewhat lameness(: But we had fun and our good friend Kendra Perkins came to visit for the weekend so she and I chatted during the shower and I was the photographer, naturally!

After the bridal shower, me, the twins, and Kendra had a girls night! Woot! We started by going to Denny's for a lovely meal, in which we laughed throughout most of! Afterwards, we went to the RedBox and rented "The Proposal"! Good movie. I had seen it in theatres this summer, but the twins hadn't watched it so we enjoyed a good laugh! After the movie, for old times sake when Kendra was our roommate 2 years ago, we did MADLIBS! Haha-if you don't know what those are-well, find out! Good times. Then of course the "fiances" HAD to come over because heaven forbid the girls spend one night without seeing their boys for a little bit(: We had a great night!

Church was awesome on yesterday! The institute missionaries-Brother and Sister Slade spoke and I really enjoyed it! They are a really neat couple and just love being around the young adults! And, being the ward music coordinator, I had 2 girls do a piano/violin duet as a special music number and it was beautiful! I have always wanted to play the violin! Maybe when I'm 85 I will learn.
Sunday evening, I had the opportunity to go to mission prep. No, I'm not going on a mission, but Heather's fiance Joe, asked for my assistance. He teaches mission prep and invited several people like myself to role play as potential investigators! So, I went into a room with 3 boys preparing for missions and they taught me the first discussion. I knew they were nervous so I didn't ask them TOO hard of questions about the church(; They did a good job and it was really neat for me to see kinda how missionary work works! And to kinda get the feel of an investigator as well. Way fun and I was happy to help out!

Oh its Monday once again. Bla bla bla. So far I've made it through the day! Minus the music theory part....Wednesday there will be no school which makes me jump for joy! I can sleep in, maybe play some raquetball, and probably practice since my recital IS on Thursday. Joy of joys! Ok, I really have to write a politics paper now that I've been putting off.
Have a good week everyone!
LOL-Lots of love!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Changes....In Weather and Character

*Random thought of the Day: "He who is too busy to pray is busier than God ever intended him to be". True that. We must remember that prayer is what gets us through the day and through the night. Prayers in our heart throughout the day keep us from temptation and provide our safety and answers to questions. Prayers for others help them as well as yourself. The list could go on. So pray always and counsel with God, so that things will work together for you good! The End.*

November. Fall. It's all here. Nuts!
First of all. Fall Sing went amazing! And strangely-it was my LAST Fall Sing. Out of the 3 shows, Friday was probably my favorite performance! I always seem to do better when my family is here(: Yep-Mom, Duane, Dallas and Andrea came! My brief homesickness went away when they came! Thanks again for coming guys! I really appreciate their support and they loved the show! I truly felt the power of music as I sang with my choir. I know sometimes I complain about my director and the things that go on in the music department, but as far as being in A capella choir is concerned, I suddently remembered why I'm doing what I'm doing, as I sang our songs. I love feeling that way! Next to feeling the truth of the Gospel, and the Spirit, power in music is the best feeling ever! Over the last couple of years, Dr. Bishop my director/music theory teacher has introduced the meaning of words. And it has made all the difference in our harder songs especially. Even if they are in Russian(:
I'm greatful for the experiences I've been having in choir. I look forward to the remainder of the year and the music that will continue to change my life.

The rest of last week was fun! It was also homecoming week so they had dress up days everyday. I took advantage of a couple days hee hee(: I dressed up for 'hawaiian tourist' day. Me and my friend Hailey are below(: On thursday, it was costume day so I went as a cowgirl-my true self(: It was awesome! I am a small town girl for sure! And I love wearing my hat!

Friday was just spirit day so I wore my purple and gold. Saturday, after some raquetball with Chris, we had our last concert in the afternoon. After which, I went to the EAC football game and we slaughtered Pima. 47-6. Pathetic really! Good game though, but cold! It has certainly started getting cold here! Nuts!

Saturday was also of course, Halloween! So, I decided to go all out and dress up for a party! At the apartments I live, they had a big block party! Basically, there are about 5 or 6 buildings of apartments and what they did was put music in a 5 or 6 apartments and blasted it really loud and there was dancing in all of them. It was awesome! I didn't really think much about a costume and I didn't want to do the cowgirl thing, so I was a princess!/Giselle from Enchanted(: I wore my tiara and put my prom dress on and curled my hair! It was way fun! I just danced the night away with friends! I did that til about midnight and then decided it had been a long day so I went home and crashed! Good times!

Sunday was fast sunday and was pretty awesome. I love testimony meeting. We then talked about missionary work and service in Sunday School and Relief Society...two things at which I need to work on of course(: Learned a lot!
We then had a really awesome CES Fireside broadcast with a talk given by the amazing Dieter F. Uchtdorf! I gotta say, he really is one of my favorites! He talked about finding out who we truly are, and dating haha. Go figure. But he gave those of us who are single, hope(: Not that I didn't have any, I just tend to get dissapointed or jealous sometimes. Especially when all your roommates are either engaged or dating someone(; Literally, all of them now haha. Oh well. Life goes on. I'm doing what I'm supposed to and thats the best I got!

Anyway, I have a busy few weeks ahead, ish. Mostly just tests to study, auditions to prepare for, and my Fall voice recital is next week-woot! Ah! Here I go!
Have a great week my people!

Monday, October 26, 2009

True Confessions

*Random thought of the Day: The Book of Mormon is true. If you've never read it or don't have a testimony of it, read it. I started re-reading the Book of Mormon a few weeks ago and have found once again, the power within. I also had the wonderful opportunity to teach relief society yesterday and the lesson was on Elder Jeffrey R. Hollands talk from conference this month. Those who watched conference know how powerful his testimony of the B o M was. It was really neat to talk about his testimony, as well as a few others, and I also talked about some of the things we learn from and do with the B o M. I think my lesson went well(: I truly felt my testimony strenghthened even more of it's wonderful truth. I challenge all of you to read it. Read it again, if you've finished already. There are things you can learn and study each time it is read. That's my testimony! The End.*

Well, time is sure going by super fast. This semester is over half over and I'm actually really glad. I'm not really burned out on school neccisarily, I'm just ready for a break and to be with my family. Thanksgiving break alone will be nice next month! I really think I'm started to get burned out on EAC. Don't get me wrong, I absoutely love it here! But I'm also ready to move on to bigger and better things. (Even if I don't know what those things are yet(:)
I've been in research mode the last week or so, looking for schools to apply to. A lot depends on what I really want to do with my music. See, music theory and I, dont' always get along(: We have a love hate relationship! It's ups and downs with us all the time haha! But, I'm really trying my best to do well and pass because I need to graduate in May. Part of my problem is that I seriously have a slight form of A.D.D. or something! That or I just really get distracted sometimes! My focus needs work. I mean, I'm doing ok, I just sometimes lose focus on the task at hand. dot dot dot.....I'll get there. Just lots to think about right now in a day in my mind!

I'm enjoying my other classes for the most part though. I decided to drop my Teachings of Isaiah Institute class however. It was on Friday's at 11:00, which on Mon/Wed, I have free to work. So Isaiah was getting to be too much and I wanted that hour to work. I don't really NEED the class to graduate or anything, and I gotta be honest, the teacher wasn't the greatest. That might sound bad, but hey-it was my choice to drop!

I'm starting to enjoy choir a little more. It was rough for a bit there because of how different things are this year, and I don't know as many people in the choir. But, we've really pulled together and we have our Fall Sing Concerts! I think it will go really well! I personally need to go over a couple of the songs that I still don't know the words on very well.....but I'm excited anyhow! And I get to see my family...well, for probably only about 15 minutes since they are coming and going very quickly, but I'll get to see them-yay! Anyone who wants to make a last minute trip down here to Fall Sing is welcome too-just let me know! And my apologies for not telling anybody ever in time about my shows. I'll try to do better next time-but please come this weekend if you can! Call me for details(:
This weekend was pretty busy for me. Friday night, I went on a date up to Fry Mesa for tinfoil dinners. That was pretty awesome! After my date, I joined my roommate at Caitlyn Jeff's totally awesome birthday party! Lots of people and lots of dancing and partying-WAY fun and just what I needed! I didn't get to bed to 2 AM(:

Saturday, I got up, got ready and was supposed to start homework but ended up talking to my mom for a while. Then I had to run to the store to get a gift for a friend's bridal shower later that day. After that, I studied for Politics with a friend, which I'm still not done with that ridiculous study guide! Then I went to EAC's Fall musical, which wasn't entirely worth my time. "The Emporer's New Clothes" is pretty cheesy. But they did do a pretty decent job with it. After that, I went to Shauna's bridal shower, but not for long because then I went home and studied some more, before I went to the Football game, which we won apparentlly. I also didn't stay for all of that since I also had plans to go watch a group called "Light Entertainment". A group of high school kids that do show choir type stuff. They came a couple years ago and are not bad. Typically high school students though, if you know what I mean(; Oh and I got another letter from my dear missionary-Stephen! Woot! No, I don't actually "have" (QUOTE ON QUOTE!) a missionary(: Or do I? It's debatable haha! That's all I'm sayin....
After that long day, I went home and went through my lesson and hung out with Jason for a little bit.

Now it's monday, and I'm trying to get done what I didn't on Saturday....bleh! Oh and I forgot my phone at home this morning(I'm a little attatched to it), and my hair is being temperamental! Gotta love Mondays! Have a grand week everyone!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If you're friends jump off a cliff, would you jump with them? Yes, apparently I would!

*Random Thought of the Day: Divine Nature and Individual worth. What do they mean? President Dieter F. Uchtdorf said, "We each have an inherent wish to create something, that did not exist before." I love quotes. I'm a quote queen. And having heard many many quotes over the years, I'm pretty sure that that one is one of THE MOST powerful quotes I've ever heard. Perhaps it has to do with my life right now a little bit, but I think I'll add it to my wall. No matter what talents, strenghths, or abilities we each have, each one of us does have power to create something. It doesn't just have to be a wish, its a POWER. And we, individually, are the only ones that can do something about it. Everyone can be creative, even if they are not the creative type(: Need more? Check out this video from Pres. Uchtdorf. It was directed towards the women of the church, but can apply to pretty much anyone. Enjoy!

Oh my gosh. Like forever its been since I blogged! Like yeah, I know. (sorry i LIKE had to LIKE get my teenybopper moment in there for some reason)I can't believe how busy my life has been! Yet, I'm starting to finally find more excitement than an Ipod Touch(: Or at least, I'm doing more exciting things, or maybe I've just tweaked my attitude a bit(:

First Story. It has to do with my title. Yes-I would jump off a cliff if my friends do it. Once. I did it once and I won't do it again. So, there's a place up near Mt. Grahm called Fry Mesa. Basically, there are a bunch of Mesas' around and different parts to go do fun outdoor activities. I'd only been one other time and that was at night and we went 4-wheeling. Anyway, my friend Chris invited me to go with him and his brother and some of their other friends about 2 weeks ago. I knew we would be swimming and such, but little DID I know, I would be doing more scary things in one day, than ever in my life. Ok-I overexagerated, but still. It was quite a day! Up on Fry Mesa there is a big dam and a small lake. Thats where I jumped off the 12 foot rock cliff. It took me about 5 minutes before Chris finally convinced me to jump in with him. The water was cold and I don't do the best with heights, and I also don't like the general feeling of falling. But hey-what else can you do when a cute guy convinces you to jump in with him?(: So that was scary and I was done with that little activity.

After swimming for a bit, we all took a little walk over to where there were some small waterfalls and ponds. However, to get up the ponds, you have to climb up yet another rock cliff-this one being about 15 or so feet-by rope. I thought, ok, I can probably handle that. I'm not a rock climber or even a repeller for that matter, but I climbed right up that cliff in my barefeet. The ponds were really cool! Literally, it was cold. But still fun!
After we played around for a while, we decided that it was time to start heading home back to the truck to go home. Here's where my new problem started: Climbing DOWN the rock cliff. OH boy. I was scared to death. How on earth was I going to get down without falling. At the bottom of the cliff, there was a pond, but not a deep enough pond to not get severely injured, or break an arm or leg if you fall.....(picture shows what it looked like)so, with encouragement from my friends, and one of the boys climbing right below me in case I did start to slip, I slowly made my way down the cliff. I was so greatful for the encouragment from the others! Once I got down to the bottom, I thought about it and realized hey-that wasn't so bad and I think I would do it again. Fear overcome...mostly(: It was crazy! However, me and my analyzingness sometimes, I found some lessons from that experience and actually bore my testimony about it the next day! Rock climbing-is like life. Sometime you hit a rough spot, but you have to keep taking little steps and listen to the good people surrounding you, such as your leaders, friends and family. Even more so-you have to trust in God to help you to hang on tightly, even if all you have as support is one rope and a few good people. Thats the lessons in a nutshell!

Ok. My next story! I had the incredible experience of attending General Conference this last weekend, LIVE! Yep! It was so so awesome! I went with Emily and Derek and my friend Chris-same one who I jumped off a cliff with haha! We left Fri morning and drove the long 12 or 13 hours to Provo, Utah! Derek and Emily went to Derek's mission reunion there, while Chris and I met up at the BYU creamery, with my good buddy Curtis Gardner! I miss Curtis! He's so awesome! (There Curtis-you're in my blog(:) So we hung out with him and then went to find a friend of Chris's on campus. After that, we headed back with Ema and Derek to Lehi where we stayed the night at Derek's aunt and uncle's. Saturday morning, we got up and got ready for the day. We watched a little bit of the morning session of conference and then listened to the rest in the car on the way to Salt Lake, where we later attended the afternoon session! Which was so extremely amazing! Oh my gosh...I loved it! None of us had ever been so we really enjoyed it. We had pretty cool seats too in the balcony, front row center!

The boys got to attend Priesthood Session, so Emily and I hung out on Temple Square and went to the visitor's center where we had a good chat with some sister missionaries!

Another cool thing is that we kept running into people we knew! Just friends from EA and Emily and I even saw a family we knew from Show Low! Small world!
After priesthood, we walked the 6 blocks back to Derek's car...we then went to visit an old mission companion of Derek's and then to Provo so Chris could see his cousin for a little bit. We also made a stop at walmart to get food for the trip home. We did this all before midnight and then went back to Lehi for the night. However, we were all a little hyper, and ended up staying up until about 2Am(: Chris discovered how ticklish I am and well....I now have a beautiful bruise on my left arm, from our "fight" that according to him was self-inflicted because of me provoking him(: Whatever... He'll pay(:
For some reason, none of us decided to set our alarms for Sunday morning. So instead of leaving at 8:30 Utah time, we didn't leave Utah until 10:30. (We also made a stop in Highland to see Emily's grandparents). Finally, we made the trip home in more than 13 hours due to random, not necisarily neccisary(say that 10x fast!) stops. We did get to see Brooke and Nathan in Flagstaff though. And I got to see my family in Show Low for a little bit-had to get something from Mom! And it made me a little homesick since i've been so burned out with school lately, but oh well! It was a really great trip and we all had tons of fun!
I hope you all enjoyed conference as much as I did! I really learned a lot and definantly heard some things I needed to hear. I prayed before conference that I would recieve some inspiration in some decisions I'm going to have to make in the not so near future, about my future(: There were several talks about recieving revelation and listening to the spirit. I loved it! Especially Richard G. Scott who happens to be one of my all time favorite apostles...He said, "Consistantly follow the promptings that you recieve...Our Father expects you to know how to recieve help from the Holy Ghost....Sometimes that guidance comes when you least expect it." That last part was my favorite. I really have had tons on my mind lately about what i'm doing after I graduate from EA in May. I have several options that I'm starting to research and i'm pretty sure this will be one of the biggest decisions I will ever have to make, which really is a new thing for me. However, as many of the speakers said, I must, above all things, trust in the Lord to guide me. I feel at peace knowing that he knows what I'm supposed to do with my life each step of the way, and He knows the right places and the right times that I need to be.
I hope you all are doing well......Until next time.....

My Music Inspiration

My Music Inspiration

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